Our Inspiration & History

rc-1-2702The Relief Committee was initiated in November of 1984.  Originally, the main purpose was to help the orphans and widows created by the massacre against the Sikhs in India. Monetary aid was provided to the victims of the massacre so that they could regain being productive members of society and live with dignity.  After 11 years of direct help, the Relief Committee decided in 1995 that education is the best way to help the upcoming underprivileged generation.  Thereafter, scholarships to needy students that demonstrate exceptional educational talent and do not have a monetary means of progressing the education were provided with assistance.  Today, the organization helps orphans, handicapped and otherwise needy students progress further in society.  Present day, approximately 200 to 300 scholarships are provided every year to high school students.

Scholarship History, for select years.  (Scholarships given by the Relief Committee, for each year listed below)

  • 1995 – 2
  • 1996 – 17
  • 2000 – 143
  • 2005 – 337
  • 2010 – 347
  • 2012 – 244