Our Operations

We provide scholarships in India and also the United States.  In India, we work with our sister organization – Nishkam.  Nishkam interviews the prospective students and the approved applications are sent to our organization, for review.  During our annual meeting, we review all applications and allocate the appropriate money for student aid. Once the money is approved, Nishkam distributes the money to the respective students during an annual ceremony for scholarship aid. They request that one member from the Relief Committee or a representative to be present when these stipends are given to the students.  The scholarship amounts typically vary from Rs. 2400 (about $50) to Rs. 3600 (about $70) per student, per year.  In India, this goes a long way in providing for education to these underprivileged yet academically talented individuals.

In the United States, the committee directly reviews all applications for scholarship and provides aid based on grades and family need.